Social rehabilitation services are provided by ForKids OÜ, registration number 16651484. State license number SRT000258.

Social rehabilitation services are paid by the Social Insurance Board based on its decision.

Social rehabilitation is a service provided to support people with disabilities or limited ability teach and develop everyday skills, support learning and the preparation for working conditions.

The social rehabilitation service is an active service. That is, a person must independently perform all feasible actions that are necessary to achieve the goal of the service. The person learns these skills under the guidance and assistance of a rehabilitation specialist. Since the active participation of the recipient of the service is always a prerequisite for the effectiveness of a rehabilitation service, passive procedures, such as massages, are not included in rehabilitation services.

In order to achieve the goals as quickly as possible, the social rehabilitation service should be regular and a complex service. but requires the intervention of several specialists or rehabilitation teams.

Our rehabilitation centre offers the following services:

  • individual and group physiotherapist service
  • ndividual and group social worker service
  • individual and group speech therapy service
  • individual and group special education service
  • individual and group psychologist service
  • creative therapist service (individual service)
  • sand therapy (individual service)
  • music therapy (individual service)