What is this?

This is a method to “bring out” speech.

This method is used by all the specialists in the centre during sessions and procedures, when working with children that cannot speak, and also during specialised sessions for development of communication skills.

What problem does this help to solve?

Many children not only have their speech development affected, but they also have disorders in developing “pre-speech” communication skills. A child should be able to use hand gestures, sounds and movements to communicate with people. Usually this happens during infancy, but many children do not have these communication skills developed even at ages 3-4.

The best time to teach a child communicative skills is during active games that the child comes up with independently. When this condition is met, it allows for positive emotions to speed up the process of speech development.

How are the sessions conducted?

The sessions take the form of non-structured games - an adult waits for the child to show initiative, then takes part in the game and tries to hold a dialog with the child for as long as possible.

New forms of communication, such as words, appear as a result of developing communication skills.