Why is the child inattentive?

If the child is inattentive that does not mean that their brain is not concentrating on anything. Most often the case is that the brain is preoccupied with some other sensations, which are not related to the learning process and do not depend on the child’s will.

In such a case, you can observe that the child is constantly jumping from one activity to another or can periodically “shut down”, not paying attention to you.

Many children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, speech delay, dysgraphia and dyslexia have problems with attention.

How to help such a child?

The brain of a child must learn, i.e. being attentive and focused on finishing the task at hand.

Specialised techniques proven around the world are used to achieve this.

Techniques for children of the ages 2-7:

  • Neurodynamic gymnastics

Methods based on the use of biofeedback (for children above the age of 4):

  • Balance Master,
  • Interactive Metronome.